Orphan Lifeline
You Are Here
Everybody Wants to Save the World by Dalia Fahmy
Inc Magazine, December 2007
2009 Christian Alliance For Orphans
Creating Effective Orphan Care Partnerships with the Local Church
Launching Your Church into a C2C Orphan Care Ministry
2007 Global Summit on AIDS and the Church
Orphans and Advocacy - Paul Myhill
HIV and Orphan Care - Paul Myhill
HIV and Orphan Care - Michael Vinson
FamilyLife Today
Day One: Changing One Life at a Time
     Part One - Gucci Purse or Rolex
     Part Two - Sweatshops and Slavery
     Part Three - Children of the Streets
     Part Four - Developments and Achievements
     Part Five - Involve and Integrate
     Part Six - Connection Scenarios
     Part Seven - Overcoming Evil with Good
     Part Eight - Making a Difference
Day Two: A New Life For Orphans
     Part One - Stark Contrasts
     Part Two - Trashy Beginnings
     Part Three - Legacy and Credit
     Part Four - Poor In Spirit
     Part Five - Taking Stock... The Right Partners
     Part Six - The Ultimate Franchise
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