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The Mega Issue
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The Mega Issue: Part 1
There are simply too many causes in the world, too many hurts and injustices, to expect any one person or family to have a heart, understanding and involvement in all of them. Through circumstances and intervention, people are given specific wirings for specific calls upon their lives.

There is certainly a distinction between personal causes and shared causes, though. There are some things that are so huge, so universal, that they absolutely require the mindshare and hands of every person on the planet.
What are the biggest issues of our world and generation? – HIV/ADS, Malaria, gross poverty, violent religious radicalism, and the devaluation of women. They all cause, are part of, and envelope, a standalone issue that represents the single greatest burden (and opportunity) of our time – orphaned and abandoned children.

Children in the hundreds of millions. Children of disease, abuse and poverty. Children of hopelessness. Children of promise.

To address the orphan problem is to address a whole host of societal plagues. However a person is wired for specific activism, their goals and needs are met in the faces of orphaned and abandoned children.
Mega Issue
Do you desire to assist the poor and crush poverty?
Rescue orphans.

Do you wish to combat HIV/AIDS and other heinous diseases?
Rescue orphans.

Do you hope to prevent pedophiles from abusing young children?
Rescue orphans.

Do you want to stamp out prostitution?
Rescue orphans.

Do you yearn for the end of drug dealing and addiction?
Rescue orphans.

Do you crave to uphold the worth and significance of women?
Rescue orphans.

Do you long to stop violent extremism and the placement of children into radical schools? Rescue orphans.

Do you dream to crush illiteracy?
Rescue orphans.

Do you aspire to eliminate child labor?
Rescue orphans.

Do you seek to eradicate the recruitment of child soldiers and atrocities they are forced to commit? Rescue orphans.

Want to go deeper? The "Mega-Issue" was originally communicated in greater detail on our President's Blog.

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