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The Mega Issue: Part 2
Extreme poverty, the devaluation of women, illiteracy, disease, sexual exploitation, slavery, child labor, drug abuse, pedophilia, addiction, child soldiers, violent extremism – they are all results and components (sub-issues) of the mega-issue of orphaned and abandoned children. They interlace and provide momentum to a truly wicked cycle of calamitous reach and proportions.

Any particular sub-issue has hugely damaging consequences.
AIDS, for example, causes millions upon millions of orphans as children’s parents are afflicted and felled. These orphaned children are then menaced and victimized by despicable individuals who are contaminated with HIV/AIDS themselves.

Some of these people believe the wretched lie that, by sleeping with a young virgin, they can be cured of AIDS. Others, who are known to be infected and are stigmatized by their communities, hunt vulnerable children as the only option to act out their sexual desires.

In addition, orphaned children, unable to find shelter and feed themselves, will reluctantly or forcibly enter into lives of prostitution or serial ‘sugar daddy’ relationships. There, they find food, but they also find something else…HIV/AIDS.

The vicious cycle continues
. Any particular sub-issue feeds that same sub-issue. Prostitutes die of AIDS and leave orphans who sell their bodies for food. Poverty breeds the desperate act of abandonment, creating a whole class of children who are, themselves, deeply impoverished.

Drugs take lives and produce orphans who end up using and selling addictive substances. Child soldiers are forced to decimate villages, generating orphaned children who are then stolen into warfare. Female children are discarded, reinforcing their society’s belief that they are worthless, and devaluing the status of girls and women yet further.

The vicious cycle continues. Any particular sub-issue also feeds the other sub-issues. Poverty causes girls to be traded into prostitution. Drugs kill and leave orphans that become enslaved in child labor schemes. AIDS ravishes communities, triggering orphan populations that eventually find solace in drugs.

Poverty-stricken orphans are recruited into radical Islamic schools, fostering future terrorism activities. Young drug users spread HIV/AIDS through tainted needles. Child prostitutes allow pedophiles to discover and explore their behavior, spawning more pedophiliac activity. The combinations and permutations are countless and endless. They are all interrelated.

The vicious cycle continues…and spirals outward.

The question then becomes, "What is the easiest point in which to insert oneself into the cycle in order to break the cycle?"

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