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The Mega Issue: Part 3
"What is the easiest point in which to insert oneself into the cycle in order to break the cycle?"

There really are two choices. You can either try to change things at the societal level by implementing broad outreaches for each issue (i.e. HIV/AIDS prevention programs, child labor laws and enforcement, anti-prostitution measures, financial aid packages, etc.)…or you can simply break a common link in the chain and severely attack the umbrella issues accordingly and jointly. A very strategic point of commonality is the mega-issue of orphaned and abandoned children.

As orphans are rescued, all those dreadful demons are dealt massive blows. As children are taken off of the streets, prostitution is diminished, pedophiliac opportunities are minimized, drug dealing and usage are reduced, recruiting grounds for child soldiers and extremists are decreased, child trafficking pools are restricted, AIDS infection is lessened, and on and on. It’s a highly-strategic ‘multiple birds with one stone’ scenario.

The issues do need to be tackled at the societal level also. There is always a need for general awareness programs and measures. But where the ‘rubber meets the road,’ there are very few involvement opportunities that have the punch, power, and potential like the rescue and care of orphans. There is, of course, another element to this: mobilization and geometric impact.

As children are rescued and restored, trained up to honor life and love others, they will go into their communities to teach against prostitution, child labor, drugs, slavery and the other issues. The children are taken out of the statistics and the cause/effect cycle, but are also part of the greater solution as they become advocates and act as compassionate examples to transform lives.

We have still limited the discussion to temporal terms here. Next, we will converse about local indigenous churches as the practical and spiritual tools of rescue.

This is the most exciting part…seeing orphaned and abandoned children comforted, sheltered and educated…by believers who touch eternity as they touch the temporal; by churches that are willing to break the cycle of abuse and exploitation; by pastors who are fully engaged in the mega-issue.

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