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The Mega Issue: Part 4
All of society’s woes are related to one thing…SIN. This is the point of commonality.

The world and everything in it was originally created as flawless, unspoiled…perfect. The world we live in today is not that world. It has been gravely corrupted as a consequence of a devastating choice. Everything we now see as imperfect, evil and tragic can be traced back to that specific moment that shattered the timeline forward. Murder followed. Disease followed. Abuses of children followed. Orphans followed.

Christ established His Body, the Church.
The Spirit uses the Church to regenerate, restore and reconcile. The Church is God’s principal instrument to tackle the core commonality. Only the Church can truly address the mega-issue and everything it touches and represents. God has positioned His Church around the world for such a time as this…

Orphaned and abandoned children flood the region previously known as the Third World. The burden knows no boundaries or borders. The whole area is awash with the weeping of desperate children that don’t ask for much…just simple safety, security, and sustenance…and the knowledge that somebody loves them.

Much of that same area is populated by the Church, local indigenous bodies of believers that understand the call and strength of James 1:27; that understand the heart of God for the lost children who are abandoned and polluted by this cruel and wicked world. Indigenous churches are uniquely positioned to care for the children of their communities.

Most have the heart and are responding in obedience and love with limited resources; they just need a boost to more broadly and effectively engage the task. As these churches do engage the task, they expand. Rescued children accept the promises of Christ and commit to love and serve Him.

Surrounding communities, warmed by the affection of the church towards their children, are attracted to the church and find love and forgiveness there. The children, themselves, go out amongst neighbors and peers who witness their transformation and want a part of it.
The churches grow

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