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The Mega Issue: Part 6
Many parts of the developing world have evangelical Christian populations of less than 5%. In most of those same regions the composition of born-again believers is 2% and under. These are the same areas where significant orphaned and abandoned children struggle to survive.

Orphans represent a unique opportunity for the recruitment and training of workers for the harvest fields of eternity. What a huge opportunity that really is…tens of millions of children ready to be raised by the Church family; tens of millions of children that have been orphaned and abandoned out of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and animistic families; tens of millions of children that will be ‘sent out’ as missionaries to those same communities. God works in all things.

The tragedy of our time is also the greatest prospect of our time.
Orphans Become Missionaries

Do you want to know what the evangelical Christian response should be to radical Islamic schools that take in children, indoctrinate them, and send them out as terrorists, as armies of hatred and destruction?

Answer: Support indigenous churches all over the world to take in the orphaned children of Muslim communities, train them up in the knowledge of the Lord, and send them out as missionaries, as armies of love and reconciliation!

The mega-issue is now.
The mega-opportunity is now

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