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Scope of Care
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Scope of Care
Orphan Lifeline provides homes, not orphanages. We acknowledge that there are many multi-faceted elements required in the successful rescue and restoration of orphaned and abandoned children. 
Orphan Lifeline’ indigenous church partners are required to meet the following needs in their church-based children’s homes:
Physical Needs
A warm, comfortable shelter protected from the elements
A safe home, free of abuse and exploitation
Nutritious food and clean water
Wash facilities and toilets
Medical care and health/hygiene training

Emotional Needs
A compassionate family environment
Loving supervision, discipline and guidance
Christian counseling and advice
Integration with the community – a sense of connection
Caring relationships based on love, trust and respect
Rebuilding of self-esteem and hope
Educational Needs
Well-rounded learning, including moral and ethics instruction
Commitment to elementary through secondary education
Christian counseling and advice
Vocational skills and specialized training
Transitional preparation (for those ‘graduating’ from the home)
Vocational ministry training if desired
Spiritual Needs
Church-based homes of prayer, teaching, worship and fellowship
The Gospel message of salvation
Christian counseling and advice
New identity in Christ
Discipleship: Biblical instruction, example and application
Pastoral teaching and counsel
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